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Jose Mourinho blast Drogba for saying Chelsea team lacks leader


Jose Mourinho might have gone too far in blasting a Chelsea legend and fan favorite especially now he needs the fans by his side in the worst era of his managerial career. One of Chelsea’s greatest striker ever, Drogba at the launch of new book, Commitment, gave an interview to Mirror Sport in which he claimed the new generation needed to show more leadership qualities during the club’s crisis.

Drogba said: “Yes, JT (John Terry) is still there but on your own it is very difficult. Other players have to come up with this mentality, you are not born with it. You build it. Maybe you have it in you but you build it.”

Reacting to the interview,  Mourinho said;

“When you speak because you want to sell books, I don’t read. I don’t read. I like good interviews. I like interviews from big guys like Didier with good journalists, newspapers or television. But this is not an interview. It was to sell books.

“It doesn’t disappoint me. It was just the reality. It was just to sell books. I can analyse Didier’s interview with pleasure, but not Didier selling books.”

OMG! did Jose Mourinho really do this?


quite funy,… i saw this online jose mourinho(Chelsea coach)  visits Rev. father mbaka in Enugu,Nigeria for prayers after losing to stoke city yesterday been 7 November,2015.

Dear readers, could this be true….?


Lol,I saw this on net, After Chelsea club  was defeated on Sunday 16 August by man city  3-0 ,they said Mourinho blamed Buhari for it. Dear readers could this be true, or just a photo shop?