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OMG! Is Bokoharam planning on attacking Abuja Again?


Though this letter was initially posted on LIB, so i decided to rebroadcast it. This letter alleged to have been sent from the Federal Capital Territory to all  heads of christian and Muslim congregations  in Abuja, warning of a planned attack by the Bokoharam sect.

Read full letter below:


Nigerian troops capture bokoharam member and freed the women they held captives


Nigerian troops of 28 Task Force Brigade in a joint effort with the Nigerian Air Force, destroyed Boko Haram camps along Bitta and Damboa axis and in the process rescued 61 persons abducted earlier and held captive by the Boko Haram terrorists. The rescued persons were mainly women and children.



The troops also recovered 2 Dane guns after an encounter with the terrorists at Langaran Fulani and also killed 4 terrorists and arrested one. In a related development, the 25 Task Force Brigade cleared Boko Haram terrorists camps at Nwalemer, Mallemiri and Bale as well as in Tripkwopta and Gidan Gachi in Gwoza axis yesterday November 11th.





photo credit: LIB

See how some Bokoharam members who dressed in military uniform were killed


Some of the Bokoharam members dressed in military uniform were killed during a raid of the sect member camp in the North East.
more photo(warning: very graphic)



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Bokoharam leader ,Abubakar Shekau releases new audio


Bokoharm leader, Abubakar Shekau has released an 8 minutes audio denying he had been killed or ousted as leader of the sect. He released the audio today 16 August.

“I am still alive, i am not dead. And i will not die until my time appointed by Allah is up” he said in Hausa.


A soldier killed, while several Bokoharam members injured during an attack in Yobe State!


A soldier was killed while scores of Bokoharam members where injured  during an attack in Babangida, the Head quarters of Tarmuwa local government in Yobe state yesterday.

According to reports,over 10 rifles and weapons,three hilux cars as well as hundreds of rounds of ammunitions and some hand grenades were recovered from the terrorists. A vigilante member died while 5 where wounded during the attack…

36 killed by bokoharam members in Borno


Yesterday been 10th June,  a group of suspected Bokoharam member attacked some villages in Borno state killing over 36 peoples mostly   men and youth. According source,the sect members stormed the village which include Koshifa, Matangle,Buraltuma,Darmanti,Almeri and Bumari villages all in Danboa local government area of Borno state on a convoy with weapons. They slaughtered people and even burnt their house.

11 dead as Nigerian troops exchange gun fire with Bokoharam members in Borno state!


Yesterday been 29 May,a Family of five and 6 other individuals were unfortunate when they met there untimely death during the gun battle between the bokoharam membere and the Nigerian troops in Dala,Borno state.
According to source, the terrorists came in numbers to invade the maiduguri town but where resisted by the Nigerian troops stationed in the area. many of the resident sustained serious injuries as they were running to safety…

9 Feared dead as suicide bomber explodes in Adamawa!


A male suicide bomber stroke Garkida  cattle market in Gombi local government area of Adamawa state this afternoon killing 9 persons.
According to eye witness,the suicide bomber disguised as a buyer to enter  the market . Garkida is a border town in Borno state and is very close to Sambisa forest..



7 killed as Bokoharam attacks one of the villages in Adamawa!


According to Reuters Report, the Islamic sect members popularly known as Bokoharam on Thursday attacked Kojiti village in northeastern Nigerian killing seven resident, resident said.

It was the first reported attack in the state since the Army cleared the Islamic Jihadi group out of the madagali local government in late february.

Over 55 people killed in Bokoharam attack in Borno state!


At least 55 people were killed in two Boko Haram raids this week near Maiduguri, capital of restive northeastern Nigeria‘s Borno state, local and vigilante sources said Friday.

“Boko Haram fighters raided Bale and Kayamla villages where they killed at least 55 people and burnt several homes after looting them before proceeding to the outskirts of Maiduguri‎ where they were crushed by troops,” vigilante official Abacha Zinnari said.

“They killed 30 people in Kayamla and another 25 in Bale,” he added.

Bale resident Husseini Ari said the village on Thursday buried 25 people killed in the previous day’s raid while several others who were injured were taken to hospital.

“The village is mourning the death of 25 people killed in the Boko Haram attack,” Ari said Friday.
A group of heavily armed Boko Haram fighters late Wednesday launched an offensive on Maiduguri city which was repelled by troops from a military base on the outskirts of the city, according to the military‎ and residents.

The insurgents had raided the villages before the foiled assault on the city but the story was slow to emerge following a round-the-clock curfew imposed on the city by the military on Thursday which restricted movement.

“The gunmen burnt around 50 houses and looted food stores and livestock,” said Ari, adding that the insurgents targeted homes they identified as belonging to vigilantes in the village

Musa Kumbo, a resident of Kayamla, said at least 30 people were killed in the Boko Haram raid on that village and surrounding settlements.

“The attackers were heard sh‎outing that they would come back and finish their operation once they were done with Maiduguri,” Kumbo said.

At least three soldiers, six vigilantes and dozens of Boko Haram insurgents were killed during clashes in Maiduguri on Wednesday evening, sources have said.

The assault was the first on Maiduguri for three months and came after sweeping offensives against Boko Haram strongholds by a regional military coalition of Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

While the soldiers were killed in combat, the vigilantes were killed when three female bombers pretending to be trapped in the fight detonated their ‎explosives as the vigilantes were trying to lead them away from the battle scene, Zinnari said.

A member of the civilian vigilantes, who assist the military with security and intelligence, said the attack could have been a reprisal for losses incurred in a Tuesday offensive on their camp some 40 kilometres (25 miles) outside Maiduguri.

Sources said the assailants had made attempts to overrun the military facility, which was attacked on March 14 last year, freeing hundreds of detained Boko Haram suspects.

Nigeria‘s military has claimed a series of major victories over Boko Haram across the northeast during an operation launched in February with support from neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

Boko Haram’s six-year insurgency has claimed some 15,000 lives and displaced about 1.5 million people.

Source: Vanguard news