12 tips for women on what it takes to keep their men


Women either married or not these are tips should always look out for if you really want to keep your man.
1. A first class degree wont make you a first class wife rather submission and respect will.
2. The woman who respect her husband is the is the best wife anyone would ever have. therefore, respect your husband.
3.Your character and attitude will go a long way in determining if your husband will regret ever getting married to you.
4.To be a great wife,you need anger management skill than nagging skill.
5.Be a leader at work or any where else but be a companion at home….for its great wisdom.
6.Don’t compete with your husband rather compliment him.
7.Your strength is in humility and submission, not in strife and contention.
8.Be tender, everyman respect a tender woman but firm.
9. Never try to punish your husband by starving him of food or sex, he maybe forced to get it outside.
10. There is nothing wrong accepting that you are wrong, when you are actually wrong.
11.Prepare to forgive your husband when he wrongs you…for a forgiving wife is far better than a vengeful one.
12. Make a good decision to be a good, you will need it in the long run.

God bless the women!!!

Wedding Digest Nigeria

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