4 Classes of ladies that are less likely to get married on time


There are different habits that are likely to hinder a lady form getting married as at when supposed .but thats not the point of emphase. what is to be discussed are classes of ladies that are less likely to get married on time. namely:

THE PERFECT LADY:Here the perfect lady does not imply that she is perfect but rather she seeks a perfect man. right perfect man what all the characteristics they want and desire i.e he must be tall, handsome, rich and good fearing. If she is spiritual she will be waiting for the will of God.
                       •Problem: this kind of people end up with containers instead of contents. that is the end up with some who ever love or really want them.
                           •solution: accommodate a man who possess upto 50% of what you desire the rest will develope with love.
THE BEAUTIFUL LADY: she is very attractive to the eye . they are victims of multiple relationship, most guys that date beautiful ladies is just for fun. her beauty makes it difficult for her to keep a man. because temptation keeps knocking in all direction.
                           •Problem: the problem with beautiful ladies is that no one really love them but their beauty. for most consider them as flirts and difficult to make a good home.
                           •Solution: have a picture of a man you really want to marry. for you will get proposal from various men .so be ready to identify the kind of man you really want . be submissive to him and he will truelly love and proud to marry you.
THE RICH MAN DAUGHTER: The richman daughter bases on the euphoria of his fathers wealth. as far as she is concerned her father is her hero and no other man can replace her father. she believes that men are after her because of her fathers wealth.this makes them unattaractive to men. men are naturally proud and would not let any one muddle their hard earned reputation as insults.
                          •Problem: rich mens daughter marries late or end up with wrong man.
                           •Solution: the humility of a rich mans daughter is her weapon to attract a any man. with it she can draw men to her side and her beauty secondary.
THE CAREER WOMAN: She is ambitous, hardworking and successful in life. and maybe feminist. they strongly believe in the concept of “what a man can do, a woman can do better”. marriage is not their headache but her career.
                            •Problem: the problem of the career woman is management. they run life like business even relationship. secondly they always want to be the boss and this seems a threat to the man. the man see her as competitor. and as a lady behaves more masculine, she will be less attractive to the man. 
                             •Solution: Every career woman cries in her closet and prays to have a man that would love her like any other woman. Be submissive and avoid argument and try to be more feminine in your outlook and that would make a man want to marry you.


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