The Briefing about the on-going NANS Constitution review!


The National Association of Nigerian Student(NANS) through the constitution review committee on Saturday 13 June held a National constitution review conference in Ekiti state.

The major purpose of the meeting was to review and amend some of the clauses in the Associations constitution.

Here are the outlined areas that was looked into:
*The post of the vice president special duties and gender affairs
*Ex-officio 2, this posts will be solely for the females however,it does not exclude the female members from contesting for any other posts of their choice which includes the National president or Senate president of the Association.

(2)Eligibility(Student Eligible)
*Age must be between 18-35 years.
* Must be a matriculated student with GPA 1.0
*Polytechnic ND 1 and HND 2.
*College NCE 1-3.
*Post graduate student.

(Not Eligible)
*University Diploma student
*Polytechnic Pre-ND and college Pre-NCE.
*Remedial student.
*Ex convict/having criminal records.

(3)Nomination of Convention planning committee(CPC):
*4 members from each zone making a total of 16 members plus 4 zonal coordinators of NANS and 1 National ASG bringing the total committee members to 21.
*In Nominating the CPC members, NANS president and the NANS senate president  meet; the President brings 9 members and senate brings 7 members. The names are to be forwarded to the senate House by the President and senate president of NANS for ratification at the pre-convention.

(4)Source of Finance:
*All members of student union government(SUG) are to pay N1000 dues to the central NANS account.
Any student union government(SUG) that does not pay the annual dues will:
-Loss it seat at the NANS senate floor
– Not have NANS ticket and NO student will contest with school ticket.
-Loss other privileges such as NANS senate seating, programmes and function,workshop and among others.

Structure of NANS:
The structure of National Association of Nigerian student(NANS) will consist of:
*National body
*Joint Campus Committee(JCC)

                        Comrade Friday Omadewu Adayi-chairman NAN F.C.T Chapter.
                        Comrade Umar Gazali- publicity and media secretary NAN F.C.T Chapter.


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