See what Kenyan women plans to do because their husband can’t get them pregnant


A friend sent it to me,so i don’t know how true it is.
A group of Kenyan women have threaten to look elsewhere to be able to bear children because their husband has not been able to make them pregnant due to excess intake of Alcohol, especially the ‘Kanna’ drink which is common in the region.

The women said that they may be forced to look for ‘sober bedmate’ because their husband is unable to perform in bed due to the problem.

Speaking during the peaceful protest, at Thigio shopping centre the demonstrators, mostly from Ndaya region alleged that the younger ones are the most affected as they have become ‘unproductive’.

One of the resident Nancy Wangare said” If you walk around this village you will find many young married women but only few are or have been pregnant,those who are not is suffering in silence because their man cannot perform.
Men have been taking Alcohol to keep them high but the society bears the consequences of sexual disfunction.
It would not be a wonder if we start looking for men to sir our children,our husband will not know anything. We will trick them that the pregnancy is theirs and they will support us”she added.


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