See what university of Abuja student did after some Okada men burnt down a student house!


This morning been 27th of April,2015, a serious drama transpired at the University of Abuja mini campus  Boys hostel road which also lead to the Nigerian custom college. some set of student who were believed to be among the student union government(S.U.G)angrily bounced on Motor cycle riders popularly known as “Okada” found in the area  and gave them unforgettable beaten of their life and even collected their bike.

When asked for the cause of the students actions, one of the respondent believed to be a student(name withheld)said that some Okada men went into the resident of a student at NITEL Quarters and burnt down the building. Becoming more curious, we further asked why would they do such? the student  added that the previous night,an Okada man went to call his colleague after having minor argument pertaining to change with a student and instead of the colleagues trying to settle the dispute between them, the group(Okada men) decided to burn down the student building including the properties.

However, at the time of the report ,security agent were seen parading the area which we believe they were there to control situations……



  1. those students are trying to collect the motorcycle from the man, and they beat the hell n him wen refused to cooperate and they even cut him severally. The okada ppl discovered that that is their work and lot of bikes have been found in the house. They tried to get in but they locked up the house and they set it ablaze.

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