OM, See what the Xenophobic attack gang leader threatens to do to foreigners in South Africa.


The is really hilarious, a believed gang leader of the xenophobic attack in South Africa has openly threaten to kill more foreigners in South Africa if they do not leave South Africa within fourteen days which is in other words two weeks. Infact,he revealed how he ordered the killing of Gambians all because of the statement made by a Gambian on a video against the South Africans. He maintained that they will continue to kill on till all foreigners leave their country. He went further to blame foreigners for causing the fall of their economy and high level of unemployment for citizens .he made it known that the only country He and his gang respect or would let be are the UGANDA people,every other foreigner he will kill he emphatically said.
Watch the hilarious video:
Click: VIDEO


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  1. Why has President Goodluck not opened SHOPRITE, for free or even nationalized MTN & DSTV? I don’t know why Nigerian Government are always sluggish


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