A Message to the Nigerian Student and Nigerians at large


The National Association of Nigerian Student(NANS)F.C.T Axis
Through the chairman and public relation officer on media Comrade Friday Omadewu Adayi and Comrade Umar Gazali respectively welcomes the University of Abuja student back on campus for the second semester.

In their statement,they implore each and every student of University to be true agents of Nationalism and patriotism in all their dealings in and out of their academic places.

In addition,the Association totally condemned the xenophobic attack going on in South Africa against other Africans including Nigeria residing in their country. for they suddenly forgot the role other African nations especially Nigerian played in liberating them from Apartheid. Africans believe in oneness and love for each other not  hatred and division.

They also call on the Federal government to seriously look into the evacuation issue made by the House of Representatives and see if the Nigerian citizens in South African should remain or be evacuated. we cant watch our innocent citizens perish in foreign land. AN INJURY TO ONE, IS AN INJURY TO ALL!

                                    Comrade Friday Omadewu Adayi: chairman
                                    Comrade Umar Gazali: media secretary


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