See what APC governorship candidate in Kaduna plans to do Vice president Namadi Sambo!


The All Progressives Congress governorship candidate in Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai has urged the people of Kaduna to kick the Vice-President of Nigeria out of the State by resisting his management of Kaduna state as his personal estate. Nasir made the statement while speaking on Liberty Radio breakfast programme, Issues and Events, in Kaduna. He urged the people to ignore the vice-president who he claims has been in the state distributing money, but ignored the people of Kaduna when they needed him most when over 4000 of them died. He also boasted that Sambo can’t win an election in his own polling unit not to talk of winning two million votes for PDP in Kaduna. Continue…

“How can Namadi Sambo deliver two million votes for the PDP in our state? Can he in all sense of modesty win his own polling unit? The people of Kaduna will stand with General Muhammadu Buhari again as they have always done. The people of Kaduna state irrespective of religion, ethnicity and sentiments will vote out corruption, insecurity and bad governance.

“Let me tell you, the people of Kaduna have resolved to free Kaduna state from Sambo who is treating the state as part of his personal estate through his cronies. His sharing of money and manipulation of religion cannot work again.

“He is going round, sharing money across the state. Where was he when over 4,000 people were killed in Southern Kaduna? What was his concern about killings in Birnin Gwari and the entire state? I told you and take it from me, the Christians and Muslims in Southern Kaduna and Northern Kaduna are ready to redefine the future of Kaduna state and the end is here for him and all his cronies.

“Governance is not personal business, it is about service delivery. You can’t go on holiday when you are supposed to be working and only remember people on the eve of elections. It will not work by the special grace of God,” the mallam said.

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