See what Covenant university did to students that were allegedly involved in sex related activities!


According to City People magazine, two of the students, a boy in 400-level and his 300-level girlfriend were expelled for “sex-alcohol unclad video on their phones”.

The third person was a postgraduate computer science student in the university.

He was reportedly caught and filmed having sex with a 100-level girl in an office in College of Development Studies (CDS), which has a CCTV in the university.

He is said to be the first M.Sc student to be expelled in the history of Covenant University.

The expulsions were announced during the Chapel service.

Also, a female student was suspended indefinitely for stealing a wallet from the library.

Covenant University is a Private, Christian Mission University owned by Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel.

Like most of the other private universities in Nigeria owned by churches, Covenant is popularly known for being strict when it comes to discipline.

Recall that last year, a 100 level Covenant University female student, simply identified as Bisi had been expelled from the University after a video of her twerking naked went viral.


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