Tips on Relationship


Going into a relationship is not something you just jump into, it is something that you have to ponder over.
Yes, love is blind they say but you shouldn’t be stupid and senseless about it.
Somebody tells you he loves you and wants to go into a relationship with you.that is cool, but do you know him or her to well? Is it a relationship you verge into only to run out under a month.

Being in a relationship is a very good one but the question is it healthy? What are you benefiting from it. Well,I must tell you if a guy tells you that he loves you and for you( the girl) to prove that you love him in return you should have sex with him. My dear, he doesn’t like you more or less love.

The society that we are today have given a high degree perception that the guy  have to show the girl material love I.e buy her card, always be the caller,take her out, pay for her hair, cosmetic, pocket money just to name it. You better erase that from your head! Any girl who can not once in a life show you a little gesture of love I.e buy the guy a footwear, dress and possibly cook and give him is nothing but a “PARASITE”.

A partner that would not respect you, value you is not somebody you ought to be with. At times, I wonder why some of us belittle our selves so much just to please others all in the name of relationship. “For goodness sack have some self respect!

Bad atitude is poison to every relationship .An attitude you cannot tolerate in a relationship, let the person know and try to help the person work things out. When no atom of effort is made, I think you should respectfully quit.

Our society today is becoming more freaky when it comes to relationship issues. You see some one that just broke up today with Mr/ Miss A and tomorrow is dating Mr/ Miss B in fact already had sex,Gush!!! “You no fit respect your body?

What makes you think that that person will not leave you as soon as possible? Or you think he/ she doesn’t have a clue of your today IN and tomorrow OUT relationship. Well, you better begin to think twice before you act.

” me don talk my own oh” if you are going into or already into a relationship ,you better reason those tips if you really want to maintain a good and healthy relationship.

Written by: Ugwegbulam Anthony

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