Ten things president Johnathan said in his interview with Aljazeera!

President Goodluck Jonathan was on Sunday, March, 1, interviewed by Yvonne Ndege of Al-Jazeera


  During the interview, which aired on Monday, 2, Jonathan addressed the issue of Boko Haram and the upcoming elections among other things.

Here are 10 important things the President said during the interview:

1.I won’t lose the elections.

2.Boko Haram didn’t start with me.

3.We have gotten 65-70% of the weapons needed to fight Boko Haram.

4.I didn’t step up military operations against Boko Haram because of elections.

5.I don’t think the elections will be postponed again. I believe the elections will be conducted as scheduled by INEC. I don’t see why we should postpone again because I am quite impressed with the successes going on in the north.

6.For me to change INEC Chairman, Nigerians and non-Nigerians will ask questions. So, you cannot wake up and change INEC Chairman. I have never discussed with any person on earth about changing INEC Chairman.

7.They [The Army] did not tell Nigerians that they must route Boko Haram 100% before the elections could be conducted but they want to degrade bokoharam to the extent that they would no longer have the strength to come and disrupt the election.

8.In terms of taking over territories, yes we will take over all the territories and very soon there will be no part of Nigeria where they will erect a flag and say this is a bokoharam territory.

9.When we take over the territories they  (bokoharam) are holding , they becoming weaker and now we will improve our monitoring using superior technologies to monitor their activities then we will begin to pick them and then frustrate their activities.

10.We can not live with terror, no we can’t. we will stop it.

To get detail analysis of the ten points,

click on the link below:

Source: pulse news


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