Another bomb blast occurs in Borno park!


At least four people have died in Borno State after a failed attempt by two female suicide bombers.

The women, who were covered in hijabs, reportedly made an attempt to board a commercial bus in Ngamdu Village at about 11:30am on Saturday, February 28.

However, the driver of the bus became suspicious of them and denied them entry. The explosives went off soon after.

“The women almost convinced one bus driver to convey them to Damaturu but the driver later became suspicious and lied that he was not getting to Damaturu,” a witness told Premium Times.

“The two female suicide bombers were in their late 20s, and blew up themselves and two other people, the bombs hidden under their Hijabs suddenly detonated and killed them as well as two other innocent people,” a resident of the area told sahara reporters.

The panicking villagers fled and locking themselves in their houses, leaving the bodies of the suicide bombers and their victims in the highway.

Source: pulse news


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