Series of gun shot at Copenhagen arts venue!


Three Danish police officers were shot and injured today 14 february, 2015 while in attendance at a discussion on the topic of freedom of speech in a Copenhagen arts venue,
Two assailants were being sought in connection with the incident.

One of the invited speakers was Swedish artist Lars Vilks who was unharmed, police told the online edition of the berlingske dailys.

Vilks’ depiction of the Muslim prophet Mohammed as a dog sparked outrage in 2007, and he has had police protection after receiving death threats.

Vilks was whisked away from the venue by police, witnesses said.

The cafe in northern Copenhagen, known for its jazz concerts, was hosting an event titled “Art, blasphemy and the freedom of expression” when the shots were fired.

According to the TV2 channel, there were some 30 bullet holes in the window of the Krudttoenden cafe and said at least two people were taken away on stretchers, including a uniformed police officer.


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