Jeremy jackson thrown out of big brother

  Former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson has been thrown out of Celebrity Big Brother after pulling open another contestant’s dressing gown.



See the photo of the girl in question:


Photo of Chloe goodman

  The incident began when the actor, 34, got drunk on a mixture of rum and vodka and vomited in the toilet.
He was being comforted by glamour model Chloe Goodman, who suddenly exclaimed: “That’s not OK, I’m leaving now”, before leaving the bathroom in tears.
Goodman said: “He went to my dressing gown top and put my boob out.”
The incident itself was not broadcast when the Channel 5 show showed the aftermath of the incident in Saturday night’s show, as cameras do not film in the toilet.
Jackson at first defended himself, telling the housemates he “didn’t know she had nothing on underneath” the robe.
After the incident, which took place on Friday, producers arranged for Jackson to sleep in a separate area.
However, they decided to remove him the following day, calling his behaviour “wholly unacceptable”.



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